Spring Cleaning and Connecting

Sometimes there is no substitute for getting a little better organized, including getting on top of projects that have been on your mind for a week or two. Erik and I finished up our taxes and sent them off to the accountant. Then we emailed acceptance letters and organized the Sky Mountain family session. Next, I returned a blanket left here by a friend. Then I deposited some of the trip money we have been receiving. I paid some bills at Erik’s office and made a bank deposit for his work. I followed that up by doing some piano lessons at a time that helped me later in the day.

My mind feels clearer. And doing the projects lifts the burdens that are weighing there unseen. I also had a chance to have dinner with Nancy and talk and talk and talk. We both needed that. There is nothing like heart to heart sharing and quality time together. When I got home from the dinner I stopped in and gave Ronna some Pinkberry for her birthday and sore throat. The kids weren’t ready for bed, but they were agreeable and kind in tidying up from their fun babysitting this afternoon with Abby’s kids and shared some of their kindness and love with me.

I just have one pile of paperwork to get through. Spring is here and new possibilities. I am grateful for many wonderful friendships to cherish and relationships that are growing.