Romanesco and colorful foods

Some days I focus on having a rainbow of colors to eat during the day. Tonight’s dinner was colorful. Mostly green and red. We had a new kind of vegetable that was delivered in our organic box of fruits and vegetables. Romanesco. It is like broccoli, but a spiral formation with fractals! Math and vegetables. I roasted in the oven with the mandarin chicken. It was quite good. The kids gave it a thumbs up. Fun to try new foods.


Yesterday Robin said that she was craving strawberries — that they taste good this time of year. They have been tasty lately. We are probably so grateful to have more to choose from than apples, oranges, bananas. We are spoiled to have so many different fruits and vegetables all year long.

This morning I made a green smoothie with mango, strawberries, mint, celery, orange juice, parsley, and spinach. It looks like I had some red, orange, and green for breakfast. Red and green for dinner. I guess I should add some blue for breakfast tomorrow.


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