Mont St. Michel and Versailles

It was time to say goodbye to our retreat in the countryside. We packed up and closed down the house. We got on the road up to Mont St. Michel, a little city and abbey on an island off the coast. We didn’t have time to explore, just to see it and take pictures.



We decided to try and get to Versailles by the end of the day. So we took off, found some food and gas, and then drove the 4 hours to Versailles. Just a couple wrong turns. And we came as most of the crowds were leaving. It was half price after 5:30, and we only had an hour to explore, but that was about the threshold of the youngest of the kids, and we were planning to explore the beautiful gardens for an hour or two.

We got in and headed to the Hall of Mirrors and the Kings and Queens chambers. This is quite a palace!

IMG_2350 IMG_2352 IMG_2351 IMG_2354 IMG_2353 IMG_2356

DSC_6968 DSC_6969DSC_6957 DSC_6991 DSC_6989 DSC_6987 DSC_6984 DSC_6981 DSC_6975 DSC_6973 DSC_6967 DSC_6965 DSC_6959 DSC_6958

When we went out to see the gardens, it was closed for a light and fountain show. We were so disappointed. Nicole was excited to take pictures, such a bummer! We regrouped with our disappointment and headed back into Paris.