Tulip tour in the rain

This morning the six of us set out on a bike tour of the tulip fields in Skagit valley. It was a rainy day, so we had to bundle up in ski clothes. But it was an adventure on the bikes. And the tulips and tulip fields were magnificent. We also passed by raspberry and blueberry fields, daffodil fields, and rustic barns. It was a memorable experience on a cloudy day filled with color and light.P1020349 P1020350 P1020351 P1020352 P1020353 P1020354 P1020355 P1020357 P1020359 P1020360 P1020361 P1020362 P1020363 P1020364 P1020365 P1020367 P1020368 P1020372 P1020373 P1020374 P1020376 P1020377 P1020378 P1020379 P1020380 P1020381 P1020382 P1020384 P1020385 P1020386 P1020387 P1020388 P1020389 P1020390 P1020391 P1020392 P1020393 P1020394 P1020395 P1020396 P1020397 P1020399 P1020400 P1020402 P1020403 P1020405 P1020406 P1020407 P1020408 P1020409 P1020410 P1020411 P1020412 P1020413