Together again

Erik and Brandon returned from their trip to Tahoe with the young men in the ward. We just knelt down for our family prayer, and boy, is it nice to be together again! We watched the end of a movie, laughed, sang, and prayed. I love this family of seven, and enjoy the moments, sometimes often, sometimes few and far between, when we are all together.

Five together

We just finished reading scriptures. Brandon, Camille, Robin, and Maren are playing the guitar and ukuleles in the other room. It is time for bed, but I am just letting them spend some time together. The other morning all five kids had dentist’s appointments at the same time. Here they are in the chairs, filling the entire room. IMG_1352 IMG_1353

Luckily the report was good, no cavities and good brushing. Flossing could be improved but a good morning of dental hygiene.

It is comforting to me when we are all together. We are planning a big trip to Europe this summer, and I am excited it will be the five kids and us embarking on some world traveling all together. It isn’t always going to be like this, so I am cherishing the moments while they are here.



Better When We’re Together

We drove down to southern California last night. Today was spent at California Adventure at Disneyland. Here we are at Cars Land.

IMG_1217We had a fun day all together. Definitely my favorite moments were when we were all seven together going on rides. Luigi’s Flying Tires, Radiator Spring Racers, Silly Symphony Swings, Toy Story Midway Mania, Soarin’ Over California. Most of the day, we stuck together as a group and enjoyed the rides as a family.

We did separate a couple of times. Brandon and I experienced Tower of Terror.



I got this sticker for braving the ride since it was my first time. It was a doozy, dropping many floors and shooting back up to the top, and plummeting down again, over and over. Brandon and I were glad we went on the ride and glad when it was over.

We bought some sourdough bread as a parting gift. It was in the shape of Mater from Cars.



It was a yummy end of the day with soup that we picked up on the way back to the Palmers. I am glad that we spent the day together having fun and thrills.