I am going to be substitute teaching for early morning seminary at 6:30 tomorrow. During the preparation for teaching I have renewed admiration for the 30 or so high school kids who attend every day. We will be studying Romans 12-16. One of the topics to discuss is sacrifice. Somehow, the things we sacrifice for are truly the things we love. When I think of the sacrifices of my parents for their children, for each other, and for the gospel I see a reflection of their greatest love. I have grown in love for my own children the more I sacrifice for them.

A couple of years ago, three of my kids were sick for a couple of weeks. It was the kind of sickness where they had high fevers and needed a lot of care just to be comfortable. As I got them blankets, food and drink, and worried over their bodies recovering, I started to feel like I was being given one of the greatest gifts — deeper love for each of them. I wanted to serve them and help them get better. I felt honored to be their mother and caretaker. My love for them grew, as well as my determination to serve and love more completely. Truly, sacrifice is an act with unmeasurable blessings. I look forward to learning with the juniors and seniors tomorrow bright and early, sacrificing a little sleep for greater joy.