Brandon is home and good friends

Today was a busy day. I picked Nancy up from the airport and had a girls camp meeting. We did our Saturday cleaning and got ready for Brandon to come home from Sky Mountain. He made it home and seemed to have a fantastic time up there. He made some friends and did some great activities. We are all glad to have him home. He got home and some of his friends came and surprised him. Nicole and her great friend made a chocolate cake and spent some of the day together. So good to have good friends and to be together again as a family.IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2678

Home from France and England!

We had to rise early to get to the airport for our flight. We took a taxi and it was raining a bit. We got there on time, and the flight was delayed. We ate some food and read and waited. It is Brandon’s birthday. We gave him a puzzle book and some treats.


After we boarded we had our movies and food and sleep time. I was tired. I watched Lincoln and Pretty in Pink and slept. The kids had time for games and movies and a little sleep. This is Brandon’s longest birthday ever.

We arrived home around 4:30 and everyone wanted to go to sleep around 5:30 but we got Subway sandwiches and around 6:30 got ready for bed. The three youngest girls fell asleep on the couch reading around then. I went to bed just after 7. Brandon was at his friend’s house and went to bed the latest after watching the Giants game. Wish we could have celebrated more for him, but we were just too tired!


When I was tucking Robin into bed tonight, she said, “I didn’t want to go to my friend’s birthday party if you weren’t going to be there to pick me up.” I just flew in from southern California where I attended a Power of Moms retreat. I got home in time to hear about the day before everyone went to bed. I realize that my kids really need me at the crossroads of their life.

It is easier if I am the one to pick them up. They feel more secure if I am home when they walk in the door from school. Brandon needs to figure out how to get a physical from a doctor before baseball tryouts on Monday. He was asking to talk to me after family prayer to find out what to do about that need. Camille wants to get up in the morning to work on her talk for church with me. I feel blessed to be there most of the time at the crucial transition points. Indeed, there is security and power in being a mother who is present. It turns out there is no place I would rather be.