Stand in Holy Places

The theme of New Beginnings last night was “Stand Ye in Holy Places”. When I am with these young women who are striving for excellence in their lives, I feel like I am on holy ground. Nicole conducted the meeting. Here she is with Sinclaire — they have known each other their whole lives. They are beautiful in all ways. They shared their leadership and creativity tonight with all the girls.

IMG_1328They are so grown up and getting ready to spread their wings. I love them for their goodness and desire to shine brightly.

The girls each brought things to spotlight their interests. Here is Nicole and Camille’s section, highlighting a love of photography (Nicole) and creating movies (Camille).


Camille is one of the newest girls in the Young Women program. I had the chance to talk about things I love about her. I talked about how much love she brought into our lives when she was born. I mentioned her independent nature and her creativity, creating worlds of fun with her neighborhood friends and siblings. I shared how she loves books and is nurturing. She is a joy and has a wonderful sense of humor, and it comes out in this picture with some of her buddies.

IMG_1329Here is a more traditional photo.

IMG_1330And the playful side.

IMG_1331I love all these girls.

I came home to Brandon, who had made some sugar cookies with all the young men. What a sweet plate of cookies for me.

IMG_1332We gobbled those down.

I love to see my children surrounded by good things, good friends and leaders, and to see their hearts full of love. That is indeed the definition of holy.