Hiking the Narrows

We got to sleep in, amazing how blackout curtains can help longer sleep. We had a quick breakfast and grabbed some egg and ham sandwiches and fruit for lunch. Then we drove through Zion’s park. We went through the mile-long tunnel that was built in the 1930s and entered an amazing area of the park with wavy sandstone rocks. We parked and hiked around.

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After that hike along the undulating stone, we drove back down and jumped on a tram up to the top of Zion park. We got off in an area which is known as The Narrows. After a mile hike along the river, the trail ends at the river, and you can keep hiking in the river. We jumped in the 43 degree water. Crystal had gotten us some great walking sticks. We used those to keep our balance along the sandy and rocky bottom of the river. We would get in and hike for awhile, get off on the sandy shore, get back in the water, and skirt along the rock walls, and then get in and out. When we would get out of the water, our feet were so cold, they would hurt for a minute as they thawed out. It was a fabulous hike. We went a mile or mile and a half up the river and then hiked back. The water would get up to our knees and upper legs. It was perfect 70 degree weather. It was an unforgettable adventure. No falls, and no cameras or phones were dropped. We met some people along the way, saw some waterfalls, and planned for future times there with our kids and husbands.

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After our fabulous hike, we dumped sand out of our shoes, and tried to dry off. We hiked back to the tram, down the canyon, and back to our car. We drove to Las Vegas. We had some adventures trying to find tickets to a show. Crystal and I jumped over a fence, and jumped over a hedge and down a stone wall on our pathway. We stayed on the 53rd floor of a nice hotel, had a great Vietnamese dinner and, of course, some chocolate afterwards and talked until late.

Zion National Park

Today Heidi and I flew to Las Vegas, picked up a rental car, picked up Crystal, and then drove to Zion National Park in southern Utah. We three friends have gone on numerous trips over the last few years. When we all lived in the same city, we used to walk the dish a few times a week. We started going on yearly getaways together. The first was a fun surprise trip to Portland, Oregon. We have gone local, visiting Muir Woods and Carmel and Monterey. We have gone south to Santa Barbara. We have driven up to Ashland, Oregon, to see a play and go for bike rides. We met in Salt Lake once, and the latest trip was to Zion National Park with a little time in Las Vegas.

It is always fabulous to talk and eat and think and discuss things with these two dear friends. We went on a wonderful hike to the Emerald Pools in Zion’s. It had some waterfalls along the dusty trail. On the way back down it was dusk, and many deer came out along the trail for feeding on leaves. We were literally just a few feet from them. The views in the park are spectacular, the red rocks, the soaring rock walls, the beautiful puffy clouds. We will have more time tomorrow to hike and explore.


Taking a break

Sometimes it is good to take a break from worrying and thinking. It was fun to go to a movie with my friend, Heidi, tonight. It took my mind off home for a couple of hours, and then we had a great chat afterward. I don’t get a chance to do this enough, plus there aren’t that many movies that are worth spending the time or money on. It was just what I needed.