Friendship Bracelets

I am not naturally drawn to crafts. But yesterday, Robin came and found me when I was alone and feeling kind of down. She wanted help getting started on a friendship bracelet. It took a bit of studying the instructions and even watching a demonstration video to understand the mechanics of putting the bracelets together. But ever since that first bracelet, we have all been spending time working with our hands and making friendship bracelets.

This is all that is needed, some string, scissors, and the frame.


Here is the wheel with the embroidery floss to get started.


The threads go across the wheel, and you weave them back and forth in a pattern.


The bracelet is starting to form.


Robin was so excited about it, she brought her buddy from next door over to teach her how to make one.


Robin is becoming a good teacher.


Camille made this beautiful one while she was home sick today.


Maren joined in the fun last night and made this one with a diamond pattern and wore it on her ankle.


It was therapeutic to work with my hands yesterday and help Robin get started. It also helped me to have a focus and project to take my mind off my worries. Now the bracelets are becoming a project to work on with sisters and friends — learning new skills and creating something beautiful. Creating with my hands can help heal a hurting heart.