Thinking about phones….

I haven’t seen my iPhone for an hour or more. I have been tucking kids into bed, helping Maren finish her homework, talking to Brandon about his upcoming trip and homework, checking in with Nicole about the schedule tomorrow, reading scriptures, having family prayer, and getting little details done. My phone makes a big difference to me in many ways. I love having addresses, directions, and phone numbers in one place. I like to stay on top of email. Texting from that phone is so easy and efficient. I like having my scriptures with me at all times. It is convenient to look up things on the internet. I like to check Facebook here and there during the day. It is great to have a camera and video camera


with me whenever I need it to capture fleeting memories.


P1000253I can type notes and thoughts quickly and have them with me. My calendar is portable and full of all the vital information. But…..

having my phone also distracts me.


It keeps me from being present with my kids. I sometimes want to keep on top of my email so much, that I check it too often. I am available to whoever wants to text me, but not always to the people in front of me. I don’t read as many books as I could. I have been trying to put it down during the afternoon hours especially. But it is easier said than done.

I love this post from April Perry about technology. I resonate so much with what she wrote. I have felt the calming magic of non-distraction in the last 2 hours. I have the best talks with my kids when I don’t know where my phone is. I have great conversations with Erik when it is gone. On Sundays I often don’t take my phone to church or look at it much. I have more time to ponder and think on those days.

So is there a perfect balance with phone use? Is it possible to have the strongest relationships possible with family and have the ease and effectiveness of an iPhone in helping the day run smoothly? Those are questions on my mind. One of my new year’s resolutions was to park my phone during the afternoon hours. I haven’t figured out a system for doing that yet.

But my relationship with these people are worth everything to me, so I am determined to figure it out.

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