Roasted Vegetables

I have discovered in the last year or two that one of my favorite ways to eat vegetables is to roast them. I had an interesting combo tonight.


I cut up some mushrooms and zucchini and Dutch yellow potatoes. I added some olive oil, salt and pepper, and then cut some rosemary over the top. I set the oven at 450 degrees and roasted all of them together for 20-25 minutes.

IMG_1271The Dutch little potatoes are an especially good variety of potato with a mellow buttery taste. Everything is better with some mushrooms and zucchini.


We had pulled pork sandwiches and strawberries to go along with the veggies.

IMG_1276It was a delicous! Last week I roasted some cauliflower. I have never paid attention to cauliflower before, but roasted it was wonderful. Sweet potatoes and squash are also great roasted in the oven with some olive oil or butter and seasoning. Fun to find some new combinations of food that go so well together. Happy eating!