Finally blueberries back in the house

I haven’t been able to get out of the house much this week since Robin has been so sick. But today after a couple of piano lessons, I ran to the store and one of the things I purchased was some blueberries. I am looking forward to having them in the morning.

It has been a hard week in many ways — quite a few disappointments and sickness. Nicole heard from her last three colleges, and didn’t get in any. She was sad, but still happy to be going to BYU. Robin has had the flu, and really just has started to turn around today. When the schedule is off like that, or my kids are going through something hard, it throws me off. I worry and think deeply and wish I could change things, but restrain myself from doing much but being a support and listener.

In many ways, there is more clarity for the future. I do feel closer to my Heavenly Father when things don’t go as expected, and I rely on Him for the answers since my desires seem different than certain outcomes. I seek out comfort from the Spirit, and I have an eye for the deeper blessings that I have in my life and my children have in their lives. In many ways, this unites me with my deepest beliefs and my anchor to the Savior and my Father in Heaven. It doesn’t take away the hurt, but it does comfort me in my distress. Since Nicole is handling things so well, I only hope she is finding similar comfort in prayer and the Holy Ghost.

Blueberries in the morning — and hopefully some joy and peace and rest with spring break next week!

Blueberries and Resolutions 2013

This morning I had my favorite breakfast. The sun was shining through the windows, and I had just put in some bedding to wash.

IMG_1284In the last few days I have gotten my home more organized and my mind uncluttered. I have been thinking about dreams. Part of making new year’s resolutions is dreaming of improving, expanding, and changing, either yourself or your family or your commitments or focus. I looked at making resolutions this year as a reflection of what may be holding me back from really pursuing my passions and thriving. This year I have four main resolutions. A month into 2013, it is interesting to review my goals in detail. Interesting because this year I am really keeping them.

The first resolution is to start a blog and write six days a week. I have done this one just like I envisioned so far. It has been fun to write and take pictures and reflect on connections, relationships, and joy. The daily nature of writing helps me to see my everyday life with new eyes, noticing the happy moments and interactions as a part of a bigger picture — growing closer together as a family and also growing toward the person I want to be.

The next resolution is to take off the nagging extra weight that I have been carrying around for the last few years. I have had ups and downs and mostly remained steady for a few years. But I think having the extra weight gone will give me more energy and help me fulfill more of my dreams. This year my sisters and I have started a daily email support group to eat more carefully and take some weight off. A week into this program with them, the weight has started to drop off. It helps to set weekly goals and have accountability to someone who is going through the same process. We share our successes, tough spots in the day, and weigh in once a week. I actually have hope that this time this resolution may come to pass. So far so good.

One resolution I am still working to implement is being present with my kids and family in the afternoon hours by not having my iPhone ever present. At the Power of Moms retreat last weekend, we talked about how technology and distractions keep us from having balance. This may be one of the biggest issues of our day — how to have technology bless our lives instead of distracting our attention from the people in front of us.

The fourth resolution is to give specific weekly service to each member of my family. I take Erik lunch on Sunday when he is at church all day. I make a warm breakfast for Nicole after seminary and before school once a week. We had french toast this week, and it was yummy. Brandon and I have cereal chats one evening before bed; he eats cereal and we talk about whatever is on his mind. On Friday afternoons I make cookies for the three younger girls like I wrote about here. Each of these have been fun and uniting.

Speaking of fun, we have definitely tried to make January’s focus fun.

Birthday celebrations.


Power of Moms retreat in Los Angeles with some dear friends.

P1020088Dance parties.


California Adventure


Taking time to dream and dare.



Out of my comfort zone is where I find the most fulfillment and joy — leading discussions at the Power of Moms retreat, writing and sharing thoughts on this blog, and parenting. I am ready for February!


Blueberries in the evening

I gave Erik this fun mini loaf pan for Christmas. Finally, made some blueberry mini loaves. Should be yummy! When I take the time to make some homemade goodies, everyone is happy and feels loved and cared for.  Earlier I whipped up a green smoothie for Erik, Nicole, and me.  I am starting to enjoy the flavors of spinach, celery, parsley, mango and orange juice.  It feels healthy and energizing.




Blueberries in the Morning

This past fall I have had more time for reflection and contemplation than in the previous 18 years of my life.  After raising five kids for the past 17 ½ years, now that all of them are in school all day I have found more time to deeply think and be still in my thoughts.  Each day I have noticed how unity and connection bring me the most joy and happiness in my life.  Usually this is in the small interactions I have or decisions I make, or the small moments of joy and connection I have with the people in my life.  When there is a lack of unity or connection with people, my life isn’t as full of joy.

For the past few years I have started my day with a certain kind of breakfast following my morning exercise.  It starts with some whole-grain cereal, a handful of granola, and some blueberries on top.  Pour on some milk, and it is my perfect breakfast.  In fact, having that final touch with the blueberries on my cereal actually gives me a great sense of happiness. It puts a smile on my face and feels good to my body to have this particular breakfast.  Blueberries in the morning bring joy and satisfaction to me personally.

This blog will be an exploration of finding unity in nature and relationships, connection and happiness with myself, and more joy and unity in my family and relationships with my friends, family, and everyone I meet.

Studies show that things we do every day have more of an impact on us than things we do once in awhile.  I will try and post pictures and thoughts each day to try and better understand how I am experiencing more joy and connection in my life, and explore how to feel it more often and find the deeper connections that make life complete and whole.