Fun in the sun

We went to the beach today to just have fun and relax with some of our friends from our ward. It was a lot of fun. We had an awesome game of ultimate frisbee, hit a volleyball around, played ladderball and smash ball, built sand castles, did stop motion movies, and the harlem shake. We have a few burns, and we are tired, but we love our dear friends who we spent the day. We needed a day for relaxation, good conversations, and beautiful weather.

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Celebrating 40 at the beach

My sister-in-law, Rachel, turned 40 last week, and she had a beach getaway with some friends and family. It was beautiful clear weather. We took a six mile hike along the coast, talked and laughed, ate delicious food, watched a movie, saw some sea anenomes at the tide pools,  enjoyed the trees and ocean and birds. It was a wonderful time together.

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