There is something about baseball. And when you throw in a great human story behind baseball, then it feels transcendent. Such is the case with the new movie about Jackie Robinson. It chronicles how the owner, Branch Rickey, played by Harrison Ford, decides to bring the first black baseball player into the major leagues. Jackie had to squelch his angry reactions to the prejudice that was constantly thrown in his face or thrown at his head. That wasn’t easy for him to do, but he showed dignity in the face of many harsh moments. 42 is the only number that is retired in all of major league baseball. In April, each of the teams has all the players wear 42 on a certain day to honor Jackie Robinson.


Hard work and determination

I am tired right now. I am going out of town in the morning and so I squeezed all the piano lessons for the rest of the week into today. That was nine piano lessons. I guess I am determined to keep up with these kids weekly. It makes a huge difference to do weekly piano lessons. But I am tired! We also got all the laundry folded and the all the beds changed today. Erik was integral in that process. I couldn’t do it without him.

After all the work, I went to Brandon’s baseball game. Erik came a few innings after I did. Brandon got to come up to bat with the bases loaded. He had his first hit of the season and hit an RBI. The next batter hit a triple and cleared the bases; Brandon scored all the way from first base. It was a bright spot after all his hard work to make the team. And then after making the team, his hard work to earn playing time and batting time. He has been getting some great hits lately, but they have been caught or barely thrown out. So today was the reward for the hard work. I am so glad Erik made it to the game too. I am so proud of Brandon’s work ethic. He gives it his all, works hard all practice, and really listens and responds to the coaches.

He and I were definitely worn out tonight. But there is nothing like the feeling of fatigue after giving it your all. It feels satisfying and rewarding, and sleep is calling me.

Baseball and bread

I went to one of Brandon’s baseball games today. It was extremely windy and cold. It happened to be a very long game, with lots of hits and walks. The boys came back from a large deficit and almost pulled out a victory. This picture is when Brandon fought off an 0-2 count and drew a walk with the bases loaded to get an RBI. He played 3rd base and helped with some of the scorekeeping.

IMG_1720 IMG_1719


Erik gave me a Bosch mixer for my birthday, and I have made bread a couple of times. Homemade bread is delicious. I am planning to make it regularly. Scrumptious.