Planning the trip

It is three weeks until we will be in London for our big family trip. I am starting to get really excited to go and just have that experience with Erik and the kids. I am researching places to go and see, trying to think about what will appeal to the kids, and find places for us to stay.

I have a few friends who live in England who have given great tips and ideas. My sister just went there a few weeks ago. And I have my past trips to London to draw on. I sometimes wonder how we planned our travel before the internet?  It makes the world come together and seem so accessible.

I am trying to not feel stress associated with the trip, just soaking in the joy of being able to go. We have all worked really hard to earn the money for the trip. So many blessings, large and small, have come together to help us pay for it. I am feeling grateful, excited, and curious to see what adventures are ahead for us in London and Paris.

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