Good friends after a busy day

Today was one of the more head-spinning days of this crazy month. I started with an early walk at the Dish. I love it up there and with a good friend. Then I headed to the book fair, and I was back and forth all day. I interspersed four piano lessons, a reading in the 4th grade class, errands for someone I visit teach, lunch, and good talks with the book fair ladies. Somehow Brandon and I also made a couple loaves of homemade bread and then got ready for a party tonight. I was feeling tired but was so happy to be able to come to the party to honor a dear friend who just finished her masters’ program. It made it all worthwhile to have some time with some of my dearest friends. Great talks with good friends always brings my energy back. Here are some of us together tonight at this party. I wish I had pictures of all the friends there tonight that I admire so much.


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