Last day of school!

This was our earliest end of school since my kids have been in school. They ended in May this year. We have adjusted to the new time frame just fine. Here are the kids with their teachers and buddies. My parents were here for the day after graduation. We took Nicole to lunch after her early morning arrival and a few hours of sleep. We had a delicious fish market lunch. I feel blessed they were able to come help celebrate Nicole’s graduation from high school. They are dear and blessed in our lives.

IMG_2002 IMG_2004 IMG_2006

Memorial Day adventures

We had a wonderful Memorial Day. We didn’t make it to the Golden Gate National Cemetery like we usually do. Brandon went on Saturday and decorated the graves with flags with the Boy Scouts.


So we held a cousins’ piano recital at the Westerlind’s house. It is amazing to see these kids progress and the work and time of practice and lessons.


Then after the piano recital we had a book club with the cousins and adults. We read this book by Lois Lowry. Maren chose this book and resonated with the strong 10 year old girl who was the main character.

IMG_1959IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1964

We were invited to attend a barbecue for incoming BYU freshman from our stake. What a great group of kids!



The house had a pool. We didn’t bring swimming suits, but that didn’t stop Robin, Maren and Camille from having a grand old time.

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No schedule

Today was the only day in probably four months that had no specific schedule. Camille and Maren are camping with some friends for the weekend. Brandon got up early to go off to plant flags at the Golden Gate Memorial Cemetery for Memorial Day. But Erik and I finally had time to make some reservations at a London hotel and book our travel passes for London. We organized other travel and piano recitals. Erik worked in the yard. We had time to just be home without a hundred things to run around doing. It was a great relief. Our wonderful friends and neighbors had us over for dinner. The kids had some friends and movies. It was a miraculous day to me just to have a minute to catch our breath before the next week of graduation ceremonies and the end of school. 9 days until our trip to London and Paris. I am excited and getting close to ready!


Shining stars

We had the chance to have an overview of Maren’s 4th grade year today. She was very confident as she shared her love of all the California history projects. She loved the gold rush study and mission report. Here she is in her element.

IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1933IMG_1936 IMG_1937 IMG_1938

Then we had the chance to go hear Camille’s 6th grade choir and the other choirs in the middle school sing. I have to say the quality of the singing was fantastic. It was some pop music and group and solo pieces. It was a fun evening.




End of year awards

It was another one of those nights. We did a bit of running to and from two awards evenings at the high school. First, Brandon received an award from his baseball coach for all his hard work and dedication and good playing on the JV team. He went from not making the team to becoming the starting 3rd baseman. It was a great honor.


Nicole had her last French awards evening. She placed in the national test again and also was awarded a scholarship. She got her honor cords for the French Honor society to wear at graduation. She and one of her best friends won the scholarship together. She also performed as Candide’s love interest in a short French play. It was a fun evening.


Last year in high school togetherIMG_1917

With more buddies and awards


Silly pictures at GunnIMG_1922 IMG_1923IMG_1920

Camille’s serious shot upon arriving at home





Saturday work

It was work from beginning to end. I had a PTA meeting. The kids and Erik cleaned the house. We took kids to birthday parties. We planted in the garden. We prepared for a big event tomorrow by getting the backyard ready. We made food and prepared for the party by cleaning and organizing. One of the kids babysat. Another did a homework project. We got the kids to bed. We worked and worked. Here is to the day of rest that is coming tomorrow.



There is something about baseball. And when you throw in a great human story behind baseball, then it feels transcendent. Such is the case with the new movie about Jackie Robinson. It chronicles how the owner, Branch Rickey, played by Harrison Ford, decides to bring the first black baseball player into the major leagues. Jackie had to squelch his angry reactions to the prejudice that was constantly thrown in his face or thrown at his head. That wasn’t easy for him to do, but he showed dignity in the face of many harsh moments. 42 is the only number that is retired in all of major league baseball. In April, each of the teams has all the players wear 42 on a certain day to honor Jackie Robinson.