Discovering La Conner

P1020416Jacobsen Women Retreat 2013

Julia    Mary Ann   Sue   Melissa   Kristine   Rachel

Today was a day to discover the small town where our inn was situated. It was the small town of La Conner. In the morning some of us went to a yoga class, while others got neck massages and facials. Then we went for a delicious lunch and afterward went to the river where some of the ladies did some glass blowing.We stopped in many of the shops and book stores. I spent time just reading in a book store about Daring Greatly, overcoming fear and letting ourselves be vulnerable. We had lots of great chats and time for beauty. Rachel gave us all these beautiful scarves. It was cool outside, perfect for wandering and exploring.

P1020420 P1020421IMG_1749

Matching tulip shoes, perfect for the weather and wandering in the fields

P1020422 P1020423 P1020429 P1020428 P1020427 IMG_1745

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