44 on 4/4 at 4:44

Erik has surprised me a number of times over the years for my birthday. When we were dating, I told him I needed to return something to a friend’s house on the night of my birthday, and when we got there, there were 30 friends there to surprise me. How did he do that, get me to recommend going to that place and have all those people there to surprise me?

Well, yesterday it happened again. It was a unique birthday. I turned 44 on 4/4. So he emailed a number of friends (only two hours before) and told them to come to his parents’ house where he has his office in the back. Then at 4:44 we would come to the front of the house, and everyone would start singing and surprise me. Well, surprise it was!

We were back in his office getting a few things done before we were heading out for an overnight getaway. I had just told him I was going to go out to the car in front, and he said he needed to come get his phone in the car. So we headed out the side yard to the front of the house, and when I opened the gate there were 30 people there that totally took me by surprise. I screamed loudly. Then people had come up with groups of 4 or 44 things as little gifts. I got some wonderful gifts of four flowers, four chocolates, four oranges, four petals, 44 chocolate kisses and 44 jelly beans, four cookies. Brandon said he had four sisters as his gift to me. It had me laughing for hours, mostly the reaction of screaming that I had, and the total surprise it was. So great to give hugs and feel love from some of my dearest friends and family. What a wonderful birthday. (Thanks to Rachel for the pictures!)IMG_0538-L

The scream!


I can’t believe Erik pulled this off and gifts from Erik’s dad


Feeling the love as everyone sings


Cute kids with gifts


The crowd that surprised me


Dear friends with hugs and love.  I was so surprised and laughed for hours about this!

We followed that up with a night in Half Moon Bay, delicious dinner, gorgeous fog and sun, walks on the beach, talks about our life, and relaxation. I am blessed beyond measure.


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