One-on-one time

I just finished a couple of piano lessons, and in the process realize how much I love to have one-on-one time with people. Today, it was in a few different situations. I had a great walk with a friend and time for conversation early this morning. On Tuesdays, Erik and I have a lunch date. It helps if we get away from the house and have time to just be together and talk. I went next door and talked to my neighbor and friend for an hour. We hadn’t seen each other much between kids being sick and just being busy. It was great to catch up on life. Then I had a chance to teach piano to two kids. I love that time with one child to help them as they are growing in a skill.

One thing I have realized is how important it is for Erik and me to connect every day. It needs to be quality time with real focus on each other and the burdens and concerns we each carry. Nothing can quite compensate for the lack of it, or strengthen us as well as when we have time for each other.

It is amazing to feel the love of God in a highly personal way. I imagine that He understands our lives and concerns and experiences individually so He can minister to us in our specific needs. I have sensed that care often in the last few days WHEN I take the time for prayer and feeling the spirit. His love flows one to one perfectly and freely. I wish to develop that kind of relationship with more people in my life.

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