Finally blueberries back in the house

I haven’t been able to get out of the house much this week since Robin has been so sick. But today after a couple of piano lessons, I ran to the store and one of the things I purchased was some blueberries. I am looking forward to having them in the morning.

It has been a hard week in many ways — quite a few disappointments and sickness. Nicole heard from her last three colleges, and didn’t get in any. She was sad, but still happy to be going to BYU. Robin has had the flu, and really just has started to turn around today. When the schedule is off like that, or my kids are going through something hard, it throws me off. I worry and think deeply and wish I could change things, but restrain myself from doing much but being a support and listener.

In many ways, there is more clarity for the future. I do feel closer to my Heavenly Father when things don’t go as expected, and I rely on Him for the answers since my desires seem different than certain outcomes. I seek out comfort from the Spirit, and I have an eye for the deeper blessings that I have in my life and my children have in their lives. In many ways, this unites me with my deepest beliefs and my anchor to the Savior and my Father in Heaven. It doesn’t take away the hurt, but it does comfort me in my distress. Since Nicole is handling things so well, I only hope she is finding similar comfort in prayer and the Holy Ghost.

Blueberries in the morning — and hopefully some joy and peace and rest with spring break next week!

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