Happy Birthday Erik!

44 years old and 4 years as bishop. I was feeling especially grateful for Erik’s service as bishop for the past four years and wanted him to feel the love from the people he serves so faithfully. Yesterday the ward sang three birthday songs for him. There was a lot of love in the room!

Last night, we celebrated Kristine, Rachel and Erik’s birthdays together with the whole family.

IMG_1520 IMG_1523Tonight we finished with a surprise gathering of some of our dearest friends here at our home. It is also Andrea’s birthday tomorrow, so we shared in the celebration with her.

IMG_1524Then many people shared gratitude thoughts about Andrea and Erik. Some highlights about them: peaceful, focused on what is important, kind and thoughtful, sense of humor, interested in people, wonderful in their church callings. I feel honored to be in the room with such wonderful families and friends.

We love Dad!


I love Erik for his kindness, humor, gentle encouragement, belief in each one of us, his righteousness, his devotion to helping others on their path, his closeness to the Lord, his desire to do what is right, his loving ways, his creativity, and his whole soul. I am honored to have him for a partner and best friend, eternally.






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