A walk to remember

Camille stayed home from school today with a sore throat. Tonight we watched a movie and just cuddled up together. It is one of my favorites, A Walk to Remember. It always makes me cry, and I feel like the relationship between the two main characters is uplifting and sweet.

This morning, Heidi and I went on a walk at the Dish in the foothills above Stanford University. I have walked the dish hundreds of times over the last many years. It is one of my favorite places to have a great talk, a great workout, and time with friends or thinking by myself. I love to go early in the morning or with an overcast sky. Today had some beautiful clouds. Someday I will get a better camera than my iPhone up there to take more pictures. Heidi humored me in stopping to take a few pictures to help me record some of my favorite views from up there. We even saw some ground squirrels and a deer off in the distance. I feel like the view from the top especially helps me clear my head from the daily worries I have. It lifts my spirits and brings joy to me. I cherish the many great talks I have had with dear friends in those hills.


2 thoughts on “A walk to remember

  1. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. One of these days I want to take my family to visit Northern California.
    Found myself thinking about you this morning, and thought I’d come check your blog.