Preparing for College

Today all the financial aid forms were due to the colleges that Nicole applied. Wow, it took us 3 hours to fill out all the forms, dig out tax records, and document our financial life. It was not my favorite way to spend a Friday morning and early afternoon. But I was feeling grateful that Erik has the flexibility with his own company to take a morning off like that. And that my schedule was open and clear enough to completely focus on it. I think we completed everything we can.

It is definitely a steep learning curve to apply for college and take all the tests and fill out all the correct forms. Nicole is a great kid to learn with because she shows such initiative that we are really just her support as she takes charge of the process. Last week she found out she got into BYU along with most of her cousins. It will be interesting to see if that is where she decides to go to college, or if she gets in anywhere else and has a decision to make. She is diligent and hard working, and I am excited to see where she lands in the very near future.

One thought on “Preparing for College

  1. Weren’t we all just starting at BYU? How fun to be possibly going with her cousins!