Easter eggs

We went to Foothills Park for an Easter egg hunt and brunch with our ward. The kids had a great time. We had games and food and searching. Tonight the three younger girls dyed Easter eggs. Nicole brought her friend, Emily. Robin still looks like she is recovering from being sick.  IMG_1588

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Early birthday wishes

My dear friend brought me lunch today to begin my birthday celebration. We enjoyed some paninis and great conversation and berry tarts. I received a gift from my brother and a card from my sister yesterday. Another dear friend sent a card that arrived today. I don’t know why I am already receiving so much love from so many, but it is kind and thoughtful of people to remember 6 and 7 days early. I don’t have many plans for my birthday. I hope to spend time with the kids during spring break and have a fun, relaxing day. I do have an appointment to get passports with the kids on the actual day of my birthday. It will be fun to begin the process of our European adventures. If one purpose of birthday celebrations is to give and receive love, I have already felt lots of that love and thoughtfulness.

Finally blueberries back in the house

I haven’t been able to get out of the house much this week since Robin has been so sick. But today after a couple of piano lessons, I ran to the store and one of the things I purchased was some blueberries. I am looking forward to having them in the morning.

It has been a hard week in many ways — quite a few disappointments and sickness. Nicole heard from her last three colleges, and didn’t get in any. She was sad, but still happy to be going to BYU. Robin has had the flu, and really just has started to turn around today. When the schedule is off like that, or my kids are going through something hard, it throws me off. I worry and think deeply and wish I could change things, but restrain myself from doing much but being a support and listener.

In many ways, there is more clarity for the future. I do feel closer to my Heavenly Father when things don’t go as expected, and I rely on Him for the answers since my desires seem different than certain outcomes. I seek out comfort from the Spirit, and I have an eye for the deeper blessings that I have in my life and my children have in their lives. In many ways, this unites me with my deepest beliefs and my anchor to the Savior and my Father in Heaven. It doesn’t take away the hurt, but it does comfort me in my distress. Since Nicole is handling things so well, I only hope she is finding similar comfort in prayer and the Holy Ghost.

Blueberries in the morning — and hopefully some joy and peace and rest with spring break next week!

Loving the sick

Robin has been really sick for two days. She has mostly slept, laid down, watched a few movies, and slept some more in a feverish state. She has been drinking water, eating very little, saying little also, and just in almost a state of hibernation. In the middle of the night, she called for me, “Mom, can you come in the bathroom and help me.” She had the sweetest voice as I sat and helped her through her sickness. She needed help in taking a quick bath and getting new pajamas on. She has been quietly combatting the sickness inside her body.

I have taken moments here and there to sit with her head in my lap and just hold her. I have taken her temperature, put a cool cloth on her forehead, and just kissed her cheek. I feel untold amounts of love for her as she fights off this virus. I am grateful for the ability to love and care for her. I see so many around me caring for their elderly parents, newborn babies, older spouses, sick children, and those in need with quiet love and devotion and service. It fills a unique space in our hearts as we reach out to those that can’t help themselves. We lose ourselves in their care and find a deeper love than existed before. I don’t yearn for these sick days, but I definitely find a different part of my heart and soul is tapped into during the times when I suspend other responsibilities and attend to the immediate need of the sick one. I feel honored and blessed to have Robin to care for during her illness.

Easter beliefs

It is the week leading up to Easter. So I have been memorizing more of The Living Christ. I am continuing learning this wonderful testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to type it out to help in the memorization. I am halfway to having it all memorized, thanks to Jeslyn and Nicole.

“He instituted the sacrament as a reminder of His great atoning sacrifice. He was arrested and condemned on spurious charges, convicted to satisfy a mob, and sentenced to die on Calvary’s cross. He gave His life to atone for the sins of all mankind. His was a great vicarious gift in behalf of all who would ever live upon the earth.

We solemnly testify that His life, which is central to all human history, neither began in Bethlehem nor concluded on Calvary. He was the Firstborn of the Father, the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeemer of the world.

He rose from the grave to “become the firstfruits of them that slept” (1 Corinthians 15:20). As Risen Lord, he visited among those He had loved in life. He also ministered among His “other sheep” (John 10:16) in ancient America. In the modern world, He and His father appeared to the boy Joseph Smith, ushering in the long-promised “dispensation of the fulness of times” (Ephesians 1:10).”

I am grateful for the life of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and His atoning sacrifice that helps me each day.

Time that is slow

IMG_1580I saw this beautiful bird on my walk this morning. Later I saw four young deer on the hillside on my drive. Spring is here.

Robin came home sick. I have been holding her and just being still with her this afternoon and evening. While we were sitting in the family room, the other kids were singing and doing the dishes. I love these kids — their beautiful voices and vibrant personalities. We had dinner tonight all together, after Nicole slipped in right at the end, and just talked and sang and laughed and were together. We need this slow, unstructured time together, just loving each other and taking time to hear each other. The fun singing and harmonizing and energy and connecting unites us in ways that are hard to explain. Music reaches that deeper place of understanding and connection. Voices in sweet harmony, on a slow evening.

Celebrating 40 at the beach

My sister-in-law, Rachel, turned 40 last week, and she had a beach getaway with some friends and family. It was beautiful clear weather. We took a six mile hike along the coast, talked and laughed, ate delicious food, watched a movie, saw some sea anenomes at the tide pools,  enjoyed the trees and ocean and birds. It was a wonderful time together.

IMG_1566IMG_1574 IMG_1573IMG_1570IMG_1567IMG_1571IMG_1572IMG_1575IMG_1576

Going Away

I am going away overnight to celebrate Rachel’s 40th Birthday! It will be fun to be by the ocean and have time with other great women and celebrate this milestone for Rachel. I always have mixed feelings about going. I am going to miss my Friday night with Erik, a baseball game of Brandon’s, and time with Robin. The rest of the kids will have time with their cousins and grandparents at their annual Kousins’ Klatch. So it is a good weekend to be away without missing out on too much. But I do love my time with Erik and the daily routine. I used to have a travel bug when my first kids were little. Now I want to just travel as the whole family. Interesting to see that shift.

I will have some beautiful pictures of the beach and ocean and friends tomorrow from the time away. Happy weekend!

Spring Cleaning and Connecting

Sometimes there is no substitute for getting a little better organized, including getting on top of projects that have been on your mind for a week or two. Erik and I finished up our taxes and sent them off to the accountant. Then we emailed acceptance letters and organized the Sky Mountain family session. Next, I returned a blanket left here by a friend. Then I deposited some of the trip money we have been receiving. I paid some bills at Erik’s office and made a bank deposit for his work. I followed that up by doing some piano lessons at a time that helped me later in the day.

My mind feels clearer. And doing the projects lifts the burdens that are weighing there unseen. I also had a chance to have dinner with Nancy and talk and talk and talk. We both needed that. There is nothing like heart to heart sharing and quality time together. When I got home from the dinner I stopped in and gave Ronna some Pinkberry for her birthday and sore throat. The kids weren’t ready for bed, but they were agreeable and kind in tidying up from their fun babysitting this afternoon with Abby’s kids and shared some of their kindness and love with me.

I just have one pile of paperwork to get through. Spring is here and new possibilities. I am grateful for many wonderful friendships to cherish and relationships that are growing.

Cupcakes for celebrating

So Robin and Maren helped to celebrate Robin’s primary teacher’s birthday tonight. It was decorate your own cupcakes and fun chatting with friends.IMG_1561Here is Robin with her teacher, and her new dog, Tina, who Camille takes on walks at least once a week. It satisfies some of the dog longing.IMG_1562