Habit and Home

I seem to read mostly non-fiction these days. I finished two books last night and this morning.


In The Power of Habit I learned about how much of what we do day to day is a complex set of habits. If we have habits we want to break, we can overwrite the old habit and create new habits. It takes effort and creating different responses to daily cues. One habit we have been trying to break around here is some of the negative ways we interact — nagging, criticizing, belittling, general disrespect. We have been trying to form new habits in how we talk to each other. I have seen a lot of progress in trying to turn around what we say from the more negative approach to the positive. We are much happier as we have consciously interacted more kindly and respectfully.

Happier at Home is a follow-up book to The Happiness Project. The author contemplates how the happiness she experiences centers around her home life. She outlines nine areas such as time, parenthood, neighborhood, now, and marriage as areas to make specific goals so that home is a happier place. I enjoy the practical nature of her discoveries about happiness.

Here are a couple other books I have started and are on my nightstand. Again, they are non-fiction. Maybe someone has a good fiction book to recommend to me.


Happy reading!


One thought on “Habit and Home

  1. Found myself thinking about you this morning and wondering how your daily blogging was going for you. Looks pretty good! I gave my husband that Power of Habit book for Christmas, he read it quickly and enjoyed it. Perhaps I should read it too–or you could just tell me how YOU are making it work to reduce the negative talk at your house. We need to work on that around here too.

    Think you’ll make it to Utah for the Park City retreat? I’d LOVE to see you.

    Oh-and I’ll be anxious to hear how your trip to Europe goes. We are planning the summer of 2016 to take the whole family to England. Hmmmm.