Brainstorming and Working Together

We want to take a big family trip this summer. It is the last summer before Nicole heads off for college and then a mission is not far after that. It feels like a good time to reach for a dream destination.


Our biggest hope is to make it to London and maybe Paris. So we are spending time thinking of ways we can work hard and earn some money.


I am considering teaching more piano students. I just want to make sure I can still take care of our family well if I am spending a few more hours a week teaching piano. We are going to have some kids over for a fun day camp on Friday. Camille got a job taking care of some birds for the weekend. We will be doing yard work and babysitting and bake sales. Hopefully we can have a garage sale and lemonade stands and wash some cars. It will be an adventure and lots of hard work. Loose change and donations from personal babysitting jobs also help add to the savings account.


Erik started a spreadsheet to track ourĀ earnings. I need to start researching home exchanges and good air fare for the trip to cut costs that way. It would be a once in a lifetime experience, not only to travel to Europe, but to have the experience as a family to work hard and accomplish something big. We will see how this dream develops, what life lessons are learned, and what blessings come.

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