Field Trips and Being There

I have had lots of chances over the years to drive on field trips. Today was a great outing down in San Jose. Camille’s 6th grade class went down to the Rosicrucian Museum that houses many Egyptian antiquities. The weather was clear and sunny. The drive was lively with six kids in the car. First we walked around the grounds, seeing obelisks, sphinxes, fountains, Roman statues, and peace gardens.

IMG_1303 IMG_1302IMG_1301


Then we had an hour and a half guided tour and saw amazing Egyptian artifacts. I knew all about King Tut, having seen his exhibit in the late 70s in Los Angeles. The kids had just studied all about Egypt, and the tour guide asked dozens of questions about details and facts in Egypt. The kids knew the answers to almost all her questions. I was impressed with how much they had learned in their social studies class.



King Tut, Cleopatra, cat mummies, Ra, the Sun God, and Nefertiti


This is a copy of the Rosetta Stone discovered in Egypt that helped archaeologists decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.


Fun to spend the morning with Camille and her peers in discovering more about Egypt. I am glad I have the chance to be there with my kids at home and on field trips. It is a blessing to have the flexibility to be one of the parents along for these kind of enriching activities.


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