A penny of joy

What can you do for just one penny these days? After swimming, I took Robin with me to get the car washed, inside and out. Always good to do after a road trip. At the car wash, there is an old horse to ride for one penny. The car wash even provides the pennies, in case you don’t have any.


Some of us have an easier time of finding the joy in life and embracing the fun. I learn a lot from my kids who do that. Robin just has a joyful spirit and enjoys having fun.

IMG_1237One ride wasn’t quite enough, so she grabbed another penny and rode again.


It is nice to grab a hold of fun moments along the way to keep us smiling. After that, she enjoyed free popcorn and lemonade. I saw a mother of one of Nicole’s best friends and had a great conversation about the end of high school and college coming up. For just a penny, we had some fun and connected with friends.


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