An Unexpected Listening Ear

This morning after the kids got off to school I decided to call the doctor for advice about my cold and see what would be recommended to help me. I was talking to a medical receptionist and asked to talk to an advice nurse. She very kindly asked me what I needed. I told her my story of having a cold the last week, and it wasn’t getting better. I had developed some sinus pain and felt that I was getting worse and not better.  I explained to her that I was going out of town in the afternoon and just wanted some advice about what to do before leaving town. She looked up my doctor’s schedule, and my doctor didn’t have any slots open. She asked me how quickly I could get into the office and said she thought she saw an opening in another doctor’s schedule. She asked if I could get there in 25 minutes. I could! So she set up the appointment.

I hurried and took a shower and got ready, drove to the clinic, and got in rather quickly to see the doctor. He was kind and listened to my history and told me I probably had a sinus infection, gave me a very helpful prescription and some recommendations for over the counter medicine that could ease some symptoms. Then I was off to the pharmacy and back home to pack for our trip. It was a very smooth and easy interchange, and I felt listened to and helped immediately. I really wasn’t expecting to go to the doctor or be helped so quickly and efficiently. It took someone to really listen to my circumstances and story and really hear me. I feel grateful to have finally turned the corner on this cold, thanks to a kind listener this morning.

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