Homework club

Almost every day after school Maren comes home and asks if we can have homework club.  In other words, can she and her neighbor friends do homework and spend time together.  It doesn’t work every day.  But today Maren and Robin get out of school at 1:30, so we have a longer afternoon for work and play.  So today was a perfect time for homework club.  Sometimes the work gets done.  Sometimes the fun takes over.


Well, today, they got their work done, even some piano practicing, and of course, got to spend time with some of their favorite people as well.  I would say a win, win.  Cute girls and happy together.

Homework Club


One thought on “Homework club

  1. Love reading your posts and being your neighbor. Why didn’t I get the gift if cookies too? That makes me want to do some baking. I got 3 new cookbooks that I am salivating over. Maybe I can make some yummy stuff too! Love you!