Camille turns 12!

We had all our close-by cousins and Jammie and Grandpa and aunts and uncles over to celebrate Camille’s 12th birthday.  We are blessed to have so much family close by.  First we had a favorite dinner of the three younger girls — tortellini and garlic bread.   It was fun to move the dining room table into the living room.


The living room has been empty for a while with only the piano and a few bookshelves. Tonight we had Camille’s birthday celebration in that room with the table and a myriad of chairs.


A highlight of the night was after cake we had everyone share what they love about Camille.


Many people mentioned her wonderful sense of humor and the way she has fun and connects with people of many different ages.


I mentioned her thoughtfulness and hilarious ways.  It was fun to see her humbly hear the nice words from everyone and feel all the love in the room.


Camille really wants a dog.  I think in her heart of hearts she was hoping we would come through with that gift tonight.  We didn’t, but she did enjoy the gifts and the love.  The kids spontaneously hug each other when they exchange gifts.  There was a lot of that on Christmas morning, and more tonight from Camille to everyone, at least twice around the circle for us all.


Camille teaches me to be sympathetic and caring.  She teaches me to have fun and enjoy the spontaneous moments.  Camille cares for those around her and gives hugs and kisses. Camille is soft-spoken and kind.  I love Camille and feel honored to be her mother and to grow with her.  When Camille was born, there was so much love in the room, Erik and I were overwhelmed with joy to bursting.  I feel that way tonight.  Love you Camille!

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